Tag: Disaster Recovery

28 Settembre 2020

VBR & Cloud Business Model – Part 3

This article will cover the topic of license in VCSP scenarios. Please refer to the official documentation to get more details on it. The easiest way to explain the license model is by thinking of a basket. a. What is present in the basket? It […]

3 Settembre 2020

Check Replica Status – Before deleting it – Part 1

Last month, a partner had to face up a strange VBR behavior. From the VBR console he deleted a VM’s replica (Picture 1), and suddenly the production VM has been also erased (don’t worry, before doing any activity he tested the backups using sure backup […]

5 Settembre 2020

Check Replica Status – Before deleting it – Part 2

My previous article explained the procedure to perform a failover from VBR console explaining why it is safe (Click here to read it) In this second article, I’ll show you what can happen if you try a failover in a different way, answering the behavior that […]

7 Agosto 2020

VDrO-Baseline 2

Let’s continue the VDrO features description talking about scope (Picture 1). Picture 1 The VDrO controls access to its functionality with the scopes. A scope defines which operations users can perform. Let’s back to my example, I created a SQL Production scope where only the […]