16 Marzo 2020

How to find strings with PowerShell

An article to explain how easy it is to answer some working needs using Microsoft Powershell. In my job, I happen to have the need to search some data written inside files. Three classic requests: 1) I need to remember some info about a meeting […]

8 Marzo 2020

Object Storage Integration – Wasabi

Object Storage is probably the main Backup & Replication feature used by Veeam Customers since his release (9.5 u4) Today I’m going to cover the improvment now available with version 10 and I’ll show you how it works when it is coupled with Wasabi Object […]

3 Marzo 2020

XFS – Performace

In the previous two articles, I explained how to configure and set up an XFS Repository with Veeam Backup & Replication v.10 (VBR) In this new article, I’m going to cover why this is a very useful technology and should be adopted as soon as […]

1 Marzo 2020

How to add an XFS Repository to Veeam

This is the second article talking about how to set up a Linux Veeam Repository for using the XFS technology. In my last article, I wrote about how to create an XFS disk and now we are going to cover how to integrate it. There […]

29 Febbraio 2020

XFS & Veeam Repository

Today I’m going to talk about how to create a new Veeam repository using the XFS file system. As much as you already know, v. 10 of Backup & Replication loves Linux. There are 3 top features that attest to it and they are: XFS […]

1 Gennaio 2020

Happy 2020 – Reports from Lecco

I spent the last 2019 hours in Lecco a nice town on Como Lake (BTW the right name of the lake is Lario 🙂 The atmosphere was very good, people walking around the downtown while a Norvegian music group playing music using ice inside buckets […]