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4 September 2021

Kubernetes: The components

In previous articles, we have seen some details of how the architecture by Kubernetes. Today we will describe the working mechanisms of the Kubernetes engine indicating the name of each component; to stay true to the comparison of the car engine, we will talk about […]

29 August 2021

Kubernets: Knowing the details

A good way to describe cloud-native environments is to refer to the image of your car. The container is the engine, k8s is the electronic control unit that manages the proper functioning of the vehicle, the drivers, indicating the route and the destination, select the […]

4 August 2021

Modern Applications – Episod 4: Docker Compose – YAML

The topic of this article is understanding how to automatize the delivery of a micro-service. In the previous one, I showed the flow process of a service. This flow requires typing a lot of commands to launch any single container. Is there a way to automatize the […]

6 July 2021

Modern Applications – Episod 3: Service workflow

The first two articles explained what a container is (article 1) and how they can talk to each other (article 2). In this third article, I’m going to show how to deploy a service through this new and amazing container technology. Note 1: I won’t […]