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30 Dicembre 2020

NUC upgrade to ESXi 7.0.1- Part 1

Last weekend I upgraded all my Servers to the last VMware ESXi release (7.0.1 C) and this article is meant to describe all steps I performed. Just a recommendation before starting. I worked in my lab that it’s not a production environment. MyLAB before upgrade: […]

1 Ottobre 2020

Veeam NAS Backup – Scripts for Demo live

BR v.10 introduced a great new feature.¬† NAS Backup allows managing the protection of the environment where files and folders are a focus point for a company. This article does not cover how a Nas Backup job works or how to set it up. Please […]

3 Settembre 2020

Check Replica Status – Before deleting it – Part 1

Last month, a partner had to face up a strange VBR behavior. From the VBR console he deleted a VM’s replica (Picture 1), and suddenly the production VM has been also erased (don’t worry, before doing any activity he tested the backups using sure backup […]

5 Settembre 2020

Check Replica Status – Before deleting it – Part 2

My previous article explained the procedure to perform a failover from VBR console explaining¬†why it is safe (Click here to read it) In this second article, I’ll show you what can happen if you try a failover in a different way, answering the behavior that […]