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The right way to Automate the Disaster Recovery on-premises on VMware architecture

3 April 2021

VDrO v.4 – Run a DR plan

This is the last article about how to integrate the Continuous Data Protection (CDP)  technology (available from VBR v.11) and VDrO v.4 (former VAO). In this part, we are going to see what happens when an orchestration plan is launched. Yes, I wrote the word […]

1 April 2021

VDrO v.4 – Create a DR plan

C. Create an Orchestration Plan The DR plan is a sum of more Orchestration plans. This article is going to explain how to create them. Just a small and important note before continuing: it’s mandatory to have already completed the steps described in the last […]

29 March 2021

VDrO v.4 – Setup a Plan from CDP Replica

In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up an orchestration plan using as a source a CDP replica Job. This article will not cover how to create and run a CDP replica job from VBR console. If you need a guide […]

26 March 2021

Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestator v.4 – How to Upgrade

Also Veeam Availability Orchestrator, commonly called VAO, changed its name with this new release. The new name is Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator (VDrO). The main news of this version is the support of the technology of continuous data protection (CDP) introduced in VBR v.11. Which […]

7 August 2020

VDrO-Baseline 1

August’s 2022 topic is VDrO (former VAO) This topic needs an awfully long time to be rightly covered. For this reason, I wrote 5 articles. The first two will explain the base concepts in front of technology. The others will cover how to set up […]

7 August 2020

VDrO-Baseline 2

Let’s continue the VDrO features description talking about scope (Picture 1). Picture 1 The VDrO controls access to its functionality with the scopes. A scope defines which operations users can perform. Let’s back to my example, I created a SQL Production scope where only the […]

10 August 2020

VDrO – DR from Replicas

The first step by step guide how to set up a Disaster Recovery plan starting from a replica job. Anyway, I suggest having a look at the previous articles before reading this one. VDrO-Baseline 1      –       VDrO-Baseline 2 In today’s example, […]

21 August 2020

VDrO – DR from Backup

Fourth article is about VDrO 3.0 and the second use case. How to use a Backup Job to implement a DR scenario with VDrO. In this article, I don’t cover the mandatory step related to the VMs tag. If you need a guide please refer […]

23 August 2020

VDrO – Netapp Integration

The fifth article will show how to use VDrO to automatize the Disaster Recovery using the Netapp snap-mirror technology as an engine.   Netapp – SnapMirror The article (quite long) is composed of 6 parts: Setting up Netapp Snap-mirror Protection Setting up the Recovery Location Setting […]