Categoria: Ransomware & Security

7 Dicembre 2020

Ransomware defense part 4: Deep Dive

In this last article about Security and Ransomware, I’m going to add new features and deep dive those you’ve already read in my first article about Veeam Backup & Replication. The starting point is creating copies of your data (remember the 3-2-1 rule) and from […]

29 Novembre 2020

Ransomware defense part 3: Monitoring and more

In the previous articles, I described some good ideas to design your architecture to keep it safer as much as possible. One of the greatest challenges the IT guys have to face is finding the right balance among design, deployment and budget. It’s very important […]

21 Novembre 2020

Ransomware defense part 2: Hardening

There are many documents on the internet that describe how to address this common request. In this article, I’ll give you a track to move easier around this topic pointing out the most interesting articles. Before starting let me thank Edwin Weijdema who created anĀ  […]