VDrO v.4 – Run a DR plan

This is the last article about how to integrate the Continuous Data Protection (CDP)  technology (available from VBR v.11) and VDrO v.4 (former VAO).

In this part, we are going to see what happens when an orchestration plan is launched.

Yes, I wrote the word “see” because I created a short video showing the tasks that are automatically completed when a Disaster Recovery is occurring.

If you need more details about how to set up the environment, please read the previous articles.

Let me know if videos and youtube platform are a good way to expose technological valuable topics.

Thx for reading and watching and take care

02-04-21 Classifica Allievi ASD Monza

Rank Pair # Names %
1 2  Antonio Scarati, Rovelli Mauro 63.10
2 7  Zanchi Luciano, Mussetti Silvana 59.52
3 4  Croci Alessandro, Gervasutti Luciano 54.76
4 10  Stefania Melesi, Donatella Paolatti 48.81
5 9  Roberto Licini, Pasquale Bellusci 47.62
6 6  Ruggiero Valeria, Beretta Silvana 46.88
7 8  Auricchio Sergio, Beretta Rosamaria 44.05
8= 3  Cristiano Magnabosco, Mazza Silvana 42.86
8= 5  Lissoni Elio, Giorgi roberto 42.86