Today I’m going to cover what’s happening if you set the protection policy up as a workstation.

In this article, I’m covering the Veeam Agent for Linux (VAL) also,  to widen the range of my site and answer to friends asking me to talk about their workstation based on Ubuntu.

After creating the protection group  (please refer to the previous articles), let’s create a new job and set it up as workstation job.

Now add the laptop (ubuntu2 in my case) and follow the wizard pointing as repository the VBR server

After completing the task, check that the configuration has been rightly applied to the laptop and then launch the first backup.

Now it’s time to connect via SSH to the Linux laptop and lunch  the command veeam as root

it shows your backup status

and from here you can lunch the same job another time.

But what happens if you try to add a new backup from this interface? As previously in Windows case, it is not allowed, because it is managed by VBR.

A good step is to check that the license work in workstation mode.

But if you remember well, my first goal was having a backup outside the primary site.

I already wrote in my last article (VEEAM AGENT FOR WINDOWS/LINUX – REMOTE COPYING DATA – 2 ) how to set up a new backup job from VBR console (I’m pretty sure you are now ready to do it without any help).

After applying the configuration let’s start the Backup job

This is what happens, It FAILED !!!

Why ?

The answer is inside the workstation limitation that you can find on the following Veeam web page (Veeam Edition comparison)

where is clearly written that if you use the agent as a workstation, you can perform the second/third etc job just only writing data to Cloud Repository.

Veeam Agent uses case summary:

Backup Type Managed by BCJ 1+ Backup 1+Backup CC VUL
Server VBR Y Y Y 1
Server Agent N Y Y 1
Workstation Agent N N Y 1/3


Stand Alone 1+ Backup 1+Backup CC VUL
Server Y Y 1
Workstation N Y 1/3


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